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At the Manchester and Cheshire Hand Clinic, Mr Naqui brings his expertise in hand, wrist, and upper limb conditions to his role as an expert witness in medico-legal practice, being a member of the GMC expert witness panel for Hand & Wrist.

At the Manchester and Cheshire Hand Clinic, Mr Naqui, an expert in Hand & Wrist and Upper Limb conditions in medico-legal practice, offers his expertise for Personal Injury and Medical Negligence claims, accepting referrals from both claimant and defendant solicitors. With the convenience of five locations across the city, patients can receive comprehensive assessments and urgent report services for a range of conditions, including Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), work-related arm pain/upper limb disorder, fractures, joint injuries, work injuries, and road traffic-related injuries.

For further assistance contact:
07530 395 395 or Email: [email protected]

At Manchester and Cheshire Hand Clinic, we take pride in our expertise as hand and wrist surgery.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care, offering competitive self-pay packages, and partnering with renowned health insurance providers.